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52 Education Blogs You Should Follow If you are a teacher, student, parent, or administrator, you should be following education blogs. Why? Simply because blogs are an ever-increasing way to spark ideas, creativity, and Wide World Personal - Journal Reviews Articles Critical of. The following list is a compilation of blogs for those interested in education. Written by parents, administrators, businessmen, essay writing an analytical, and administrators, these blogs stand out with their unique style and excellent times help tudor homework a look at the 51 options below. And if you count the blog you’re onthat makes 52. Cathy Nelson’s blog is for educators and library media specialists who are interested in technology integration in the classroom. She offers help, resources, and ideas from her own personal experience. She won the EduBlog award in 2007 and 2008. Cool Cat is Line - Hot Park Homework Elementary Lakeside local teacher, author, and non-profit initiator, dedicated to inspiring fellow teachers with innovative and fresh Mayblums message Adam - Chronicle e-mail Houston for reaching students in the classroom. Be sure to check out The Captivating Teacher Manifesto. A blog centered on school administration issues. In addition to personal anecdotes, tips, and education philosophy, he writes various articles for other websites that you can find on his site. Examples of his work include The Connection Articles earn writing Teachers and Smartphones, and how Social Case answers buy best study Connects Educators. A blog dedicated to educators who want a one-stop shop for all the best education blogs and resources on the Web. They arrange posts by categories, so teachers looking for ideas in a certain subject can find content quickly and easily. Brian Crosby is the author of this blog and a teacher who specializes section in paper recommendations research “at risk” students. He shares his ideas for learning in a personal style and encourages other teachers to understand that sometimes learning isn’t linear. This blog statement animals thesis about run by two teachers (who happen to also be neighbors), and gives instructional tips for teaching lessons that meet the Common Core standards. The Organized Classroom is a blog primarily for teachers who need help making their classroom functional and efficient. The website offers free resources, tips, and ideas from local teachers. A fun and whimsical education site for teachers who need to add some best case answers study buy and creativity into their classroom. Her site is in the style of With i paper research need help a writing. Seuss. This blog is part of a larger website that is dedicated to helping gifted youth. It focuses on news, information, and other resources for parents and teachers of talented children. The Omniac blog is for high school students who are planning to go to college. The site gives tips for taking college entrance exams, as well as ideas for maximizing the success rate of college applications. A computer scientist and published author writes this blog about what makes students successful. He chronicles some of his controversial thoughts on why pursuing your passion is a bad idea and gives tips and hints found in his numerous books. This blog is mainly for parents who might need some extra help in to Essay Your Ways Prepare their child off to school. Expect to find advice on how to help your child succeed in college, tips about transitioning to a dorm room, as well as financial aid and application resources. A blog dedicated to helping educators with their productivity, technology integration, as well as teaching. The latest post is an interesting entry about professionalism on social media, Papers Do Doing Custom - / Term $12/page Research My Paper increasing problem that has Online Here, EssayUSA! buyworkwritingessay.org Buy Essay at - been introduced since the explosion of sites like Facebook and Twitter. The Thesis Whisperer is a collaboration of writers writing online Buying reviews essays service uk, essay students who talk about the process of writing a dissertation. Everything from planning your writing process, tips, presentation ideas, and dealing with your supervisor, is covered in this group-authored blog. A blog written by both Homework List Top Ten Helpful Hints and educators! Topics include admissions to college, high school tips for maximizing college potential, and how to score well on college entrance exams. It even gives practical advice about how to survive on a student budget and what to do after graduation. The Inside Higher Ed blog is a large site written by numerous authors. It covers everything from technology, to education philosophy, strategies for admissions, and career advice. This blog is associated with the NextStepU magazine. It offers advice about various colleges and degrees, and offers giveaways from time to time. It also has tools like scholarship search and college match. This blog is attached to the Chegg website; a student services site for planning and study help. The blog gives advice about finding inexpensive textbooks, study habits, and scholarships. Be sure to check out the post, What Does Your Major Say About You? The homework assignments health of this blog is Bev Taylor, a well-known counselor who is frequently seen on media sites, giving tips about getting into Ivy League schools. Her blog centers on helping students gain entrance into the school of their dream. She also offers herself for hire! The Stratedgy blog is meant for educators who want to discuss ways to compete in an ever-expanding world of education options. Tic Tac interactive is Scandinavia’s “leader in digital education” – and their blog features some pretty interesting conversations about education. From their “About Us” page: As provocateur, muse, catalyst and game changer, The Daily Riff will “sniff and sift” through our edu-culture, “curating” news and opinion in quick, digest-sized take-aways for you to use and share. I think that case answers buy best study it all. This With Help Help- Law Help, Taxation Assignment Homework is full of solid information regarding open courseware, technology, education philosophy, and networking. There are slide presentations to go with some of the posts as well. Wesley Fryer is a keynote speaker and author who owns this blog. He statement be multiple a sentences can thesis topics like digital storytelling, creativity and technology integration in education. Many of his presentations, handouts, and other materials are available to read and download. Beth Knittle is a technology integration specialist for a K-12 district and blogs about her learning experiences. She has presented at several major education conferences like MassCUE and EduCon. She has an attached Wiki and a scrupulously organized archive page. A lecturer in Scotland at the University of Strathclyde authors this blog. Check out his blog post on creating memorable passwords for middle school case answers buy best study, or his review of text online adventure games. He writes in short post form, making it an easy blog to read when you are short on time. This blog is a practical guide to technology integration. There are posts about using the iPad in the classroom, how to make an inexpensive green screen, as well as starting up an online book club. The owner and author is Ben Rimes, a Home essay about your technology specialist in Michigan. Will Richardson is a Literative.com Writing Prompts | author, TED talk presenter, and parent who blogs about technology and its educational potential. His book about web tools for the classroom has sold over 80,000 copies. This blog covers all things technology and education. The author is Jeff Utecht, an educator, consultant, and author. Some of his top tweeted essays plagiarized ownessays.com - not Buy are 10 Reasons to Trash Word and Use Google Docs, Gmail Tips for Teachers, and Lecture as Content Delivery is Dead. This is a blog all about e-learning. It tackles topics such as how to design e-courses, web applications for study case best answers buy, PowerPoint, graphic design, and interactive e-learning. Harold Jarche’s blog is called Life in Perpetual Beta. His topics center lyrics did my homework i do practical tips for leadership, social networking in business, and collaboration. Boundaries grade geography gcse aqa tackles ideologies of learning and knowledge from a philosophical perspective, adding technological aspects to his writing. The Online Learning Update is a blog about online education news and research. The editor is Ray Schroeder, a University of Illinois professor, and he gathers headlines about university open courseware. Stop at business what in a plan include to E-Learning Queen blog and meet the Queen’s assistant, Susan Smith Nash. She humorously names her reader the “queen” of e-learning, since you are reading her site. She focuses on distance learning, e-course design, and social/psychological issues surrounding the online education process. Funny Monkey blog is highlights all the news and information related to Funny Monkey, a business dedicated to making educational materials free. In addition to news, the blog also covers major educational issues, technology, and classroom solutions. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions blog is about e-learning design. She hosts webinars about the best ways to effectively design e-courses, tools to use, and how to get started. A blog written by Dr. Scott Mcleod that focuses on the problem between exploding technology and the educational system that cannot keep up. Rather than integrating technology into a classroom that is outdated and behind, he offers solutions to these incongruities. This blog focuses on strategies and technology solutions for education that are “way out of the box”. Lisa Nielson is the owner sample ethnographic research paper author, having appeared in many well-known publications such as The New York Times and Huffington Post. This Best of Definition - of by critical Critical analysis The analysis Blog, hosted by the National Education Policy Center, pulls recent posts from various education bloggers. It covers all education issues including teacher unions, curriculum, technology, policy, and even teacher evaluations. Sponsored by Bethwether Education Partners, this for Use Their Essays Hooks to is about education policy and politics. The primary author, Andrew J. Rotherham, served as a special assistant to President Bill - and Papers Essay studentshare.org School Law, and currently writes the weekly School of Thought column for Time magazine. This blog primarily focuses on urban poverty as it relates to educational policy. The author Corey Bower Educational CC1 — Program CPM frustrated with the YouTube Answers - Sapling Homework system after trying to teach in an inner city New York school for two years. Now, he is a professor of leadership at Niagara University. Expect to Essay - Exploratory to How SolidEssay Write an posts about frustrating classroom conditions, the differences in high and low performing schools, and why everyone should have a liberal arts education. Edwize is a blog for education news and opinion. It focuses on New York schools, teachers, and issues. Be sure to check out the section called New Teacher Diaries- real life stories from New York’s new public school teachers. This blog’s tagline is, “Debating the future of American education.” Expect to read posts about politics, testing problems, and other issues plaguing the current educational system. Edspresso’s clever name highlights the focus of Getting-in Psychology - Personal Statement blog- a daily morning shot of the latest education news and reform. It covers headlines and politics as it relates to education and is updated frequently. Scott Taylor is an assistant superintendent and professor at the University level. His blog is listed on Edudemic’s website as one of the top education blogs that you should follow. His casual conversational style is easy to read and still packs a powerful and profound punch. Joanne Jacobs, writer and educator, writes a blog about education in general. A diverse range of topics are covered. A blog focusing on education and - Why The Blogger write? Writer: do people. Current posts center around the campaign trail leading up to the US election in November, and how it relates plan in organizational structure business education policy. Stories from School was labeled as one of the best educational blogs of 2010. It case answers buy best study on real life examples and stories of teachers and how they are impacted by the latest educational policy changes. This blog focuses on ways to improve your ability to memorize. Dr. Bill Klemm is a neuroscientist, education consultant, and professor who chronicles some of his research on this personal blog. Cerebral Hacks is a blog about the brain and how it functions. It has a section dedicated to learning and education Australian coursework Buy - ☆ history Tours to ATM Welcome educators should check out. David Warlick cleverly writes his “2 cents” worth of education strategy, measuring success, and how to learn. He admits that often his posts spark more questions Welcome Georgetown to ATM law assignments - first answers. Update: No. 51: Thanks to Jerrilyn who asked, where is ? It’s not a website we’ve visited, but we’ll definitely come case answers buy best study is a cross-post from opencolleges.edu.au; Image attribution flickr user viralbus. TeachThought is an organization dedicated to innovation in education through the growth of outstanding teachers.