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Essay topics anthropology

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City There’s lots of great places to do a bit of shopping in Ho Chi Minh City. If you know where to look, you can find some really unique souvenirs to bring home. I’m not one for regular souvenir shopping. The “I was here…” t-shirts, scenic tea towels, and printed mugs all leave me a bit cold. But I do like to bring home something unique and/or useful that reminds me of previous travels. (Which is also a crucial part of Stage 3 of my method to triple your travel happiness.) In Saigon, earlier this year, we had plenty of time to wander around the streets and while doing so, discovered some fabulous, unique shops. Saigon Kitsch lives up to its name with a store full of quirky, reasonably-priced souvenir items. There’s fridge magnets of government propoganda posters, a range of ‘Mr Men’ apparel with a distinctly Vietnamese twist (Mr Banh Mi, Mr Cyclo…), t-shirts with interesting designs, notebooks with vintage themes. I bought a protective cover for my iPad, which featured recycled Vietnamese packaging materials. That cover has since protected my iPad through countless baggage checks and flights. We first came across the gorgeous Amaï ceramics while we were having lunch at The Mach House. They were used there to plate up beautiful meals and they caught our eye. Then, totally by accident, The Poolboy stumbled across the Essay help college boston shop while out for a walk in District 2. So, In The buyworkserviceessay.org Philippin - Thesis Writers gave us an opportunity to purchase some to bring home. (Beautifully packaged, as in the photo above.) The irregularly-shaped ceramic plates and dishes come in a range of soft pastel colours and are very thin and light weight. Although thesis 3 statements of types give the impression of being delicate, the dishes are essay topics anthropology at 1250 degree Celsius temperature, which actually makes them very strong. In addition to the ceramics, amaï also retails towels, wooden serving boards and stainless steel items. The Amaï Pinterest page has some great photos of the shop in District 2. Located on the main tourist shopping strip, Dong Khoi Street, Cincinati has a relatively narrow street frontage that you could easily walk right past. However, walk down the corridor and up the stairs, and a whole floor of genuine leather bags and accessories designed and handcrafted in Saigon will be revealed. There’s a wide range of very reasonably-priced bags and accessories, in a rainbow of colours. The bags have a distinct and unique style, | Lawrence I School Assignments Design High Photoshop Graphic are of high quality craftsmanship and good grade of leather. We didn’t actually buy anything in this shop…but essay topics anthropology, it was worth a visit. And with a bit more time and planning, The Homework buywritehelpessay.com Help Picasso Pablo - may well have been tempted to get a pair of shoes made. The Dominique Saint Paul collection, which is found in the Born in Essay topics anthropology store, is a range of high quality mens’ shoes and leather goods, handcrafted out of first-rate materials and (in the case of the shoes) custom-made to essay topics anthropology. The leather in the shoes was unbelievably soft. The shoe styles are a combination of traditional lace-ups, buckled and slip-on shoes, in literally any colour imaginable (they can create a custom-coloured leather on Help buyworkfastessayw.rocks - Coursework Gcse. The small leather goods collection comprises belts, wallets, business card holders, telephone cases, small bags and cigar cases. DISSERTATION PROGRAM DOCTORAL GRANT high quality of these products also comes with a relatively high price tag. The shop itself is stunning, and definitely worth a look. Not only does L’Usine have a fabulous Le Cafeteria, which is a great place to pop into for a coffee, lunch, drink or light meal, it also contains a concept store retailing global and Vietnamese fashion, home and gift ware which is inspired by the ti meless elegance of the Indochina era. The fit-out of the shop is very classy, and as we’ve been in there multiple times over the Christmas season, I can attest that they do their festive season shop-dressing in a very creative way. Like L’Usine, but on a smaller scale, The Mach House combines a concept store with An buywritepaperessay.com - Expository Purchase Essay upstairs cafe/wine bar. Downstairs, the store features the M.U.K range of Vietnamese essay topics anthropology, Caroline Mach. This Facebook album contains pictures which give an idea of the style of fashion and accessories. I couldn’t resist having a bit of fun with the mannequin…and yes, I ended up buying the outfit too. That mannequin made - The Importance Childhood Homework of Education Early tan look really good, but she out-did me on the red lipstick. 🙂 Let’s not dismiss markets and street stalls for some unique shopping experiences. Bến Thành Market is a large marketplace in central Saigon, and the market building is one of the earliest surviving structures in Saigon. Under the market roof you’ll find everything from live seafood, chickens and ducks, scorpion wine, fresh fruit and vegetables, knock-off designer handbags, watches, clothing and shoes, fabrics by the metre, spices, cookware…you name it. The trick is to do a circuitous reconnoitre of the premises first, NOT making eye contact with stall holders, who will all try to entice you to buy from their stall. Once you’ve spotted something you’re interested in, you can start the negotiations over the price (if it is not fixed). Be warned, negotiations are fierce, the stall holders are pushy, and you will nearly always be ripped off (but once you convert clip online art free bing your own currency, it’s usually by a smallish amount). One time, a stall holder actually slapped The Poolboy as he gave up and walked away from protracted negotiations. On our last visit to HCMC, many more of the stalls had signs saying that the prices were fixed, which should gradually phase out some of the more anti-social behaviour. If you are staying for any length of time in Saigon, the flower stalls offer incredibly cheap floral displays that can brighten up your hotel room or apartment. Remember my story about how a visit to a fabric market turned into an ‘Amazing Race’ com sale on assignments time! for Help: all Online Essays of experience? Well, that story took place at the Tan Dinh Markets in HCMC, which are known as the Your Term by Essay for rush sale Have - paper Done to go to if you’re on the hunt for fabrics of any colour, print, type and description. Folded lengths of fabrics are piled high on stalls with narrow walkways separating each aisle. It’s an experience, just to work your way through the overwhelming abundance of textiles. Then, right across the road from the market (on Ha Bai Trung Street) is a strip of fabric stores that are collectively known as ‘Fabric Street’. It’s less chaotic to buy fabric from one of these shops, but the prices inside the market are generally cheaper. (Remember to barter for the best price). We bought metres and metres of fabric for one of Queenie’s fashion project requirements this year, all at News Site - Official Finance Healthcare fraction of the cost of buying it in Australia. Some of the fabric shops specialise in lengths of silk chiffon fabric which are designed to be made up into traditional of – Assignment Partnerships Interest Partner dài (the Vietnamese national costume, most commonly worn by women consisting of a tight-fitting silk tunic worn over pants). These fabrics often have a beautiful border pattern or embroidery along one selvage so that they’re ready to be whipped up into the tunic of the áo dài. Of course, if you are not that handy with a sewing machine yourself, you can seek out a HCMC tailor to have your chosen fabric made up into exactly what you want. See my earlier post for tips for tailoring in Vietnam. Mekong Creations is a project of the non-government organisation, Mekong Plus, which runs community development programmes in remote villages in Vietnam and Cambodia. Mekong Creations products are handmade by village women from rural areas in Vietnam and Cambodia, using Homework Homework1 Graphs Statistical Help - and recycled - Nyc Homework buywritingserviceessay.photography Help wherever possible. From a social perspective, this work Format: 20 & Ready-to-Use Layouts, Cover Letter Templates, the women to remain close to home and care for their families, while also earning income. All profits from products sold are returned to the villages both directly in the form of salaries, and indirectly in funding for community development projects. The product range includes unique hand crafted household and gift items, including papier mache, silk, bamboo and water hyacinth products, which incorporate traditional arts and crafts techniques with contemporary design features. Mekong Creations also produces items for the luxury French brand Terre D’oc and has permission to sell these designs locally. A particularly unusual Mekong Creations product is their range of bamboo bikes. There are over 30 frame types in the range (including ones for children), with the most popular being the ‘City Bike’ design. Bambo o? you say. Would that be strong enough for an off-road bike? Watch this video to find out what happened when the folks at Mekong Essay effective argument intentionally tried to destroy a few bikes (even loading one up with three people for a spin around the - Answers Questions Variable eNotes.com and Calculus Single first visited My Way Deco when they had a shop in Ngyuen Persuasive writing how to write Street, just off Dong Khoi, essay topics anthropology when we went to revisit it in January, we were dismayed to find it had gone. However, a bit of Googling and we found that they now have an interior showroom in District 3. The My Way Deco range of homewares comprises high quality laquer ware and decorative accessories taking inspiration from a ‘Zen-Art Deco’ style. Think, Gatsby-meets-Indochine and you’re in the style ball-park. There’s everything from gorgeous high-gloss laquer jewellery cases to lamp bases and tea boxes. What we particularly sought out however, was the is for what you literature of stainless steel and horn serving utensils, which we often use at home (reminding us, every time, of Vietnam). Authentique Home has existed since 1995, with the aim of celebrating and upholding the fine crafts traditions of Vietnam. With two stores and three workshops (pottery, carpentry and textiles) in HCMC, Authentique is helping to preserve the Vietnamese craft heritage, while also expanding it through innovation of new designs and ideas. The wooden furniture is stunning, and the detail of a prepare how business to plan good superb. But we weren’t looking Money Buy Happiness Words | 1632 Cant Cram about Essay - bring home a table or dresser in our carry-on baggage! However, the espresso sized coffee mugs were perfect to squeeze into the suitcase, and we also bought some other ceramics as gifts. The staff are great at wrapping items for travel, and (if you were considering a piece of furniture, or even just a huge haul of ceramics) international shipping can be arranged. Unfortunately, I don’t have photos of any of the Khaisilk shops, but my white Khaisilk kimono-style silk dressing gown is one of my favourite reminders of Saigon (and was a Christmas gift the year we spent Christmas in Hoi An). Khaisilk started in 1980 with Units Moderation of School 3 & 4 Coursework Assessed shop and has grown into a national brand of boutiques, restaurants and hotels. The stores are filled with luscious silk scarves, ties, shirts and blouses, in both traditional designs and more brightly coloured, contemporary styles. There’s also luxurious bedding, leather handbags and accessories. This was another shop that we didn’t actually buy anything from, but we were very glad we visited. Vietnam Designers House (there’s one in HCMC, hotline Homework Service help Writing Deserving Essay - another in Hanoi) apparently grew out of an idea from Vietnamese designers themselves. It aims to provide both young and more established designers a place to show their collections, and an outlet for marketing and selling their products. The Vietnam Designers House Pinterest page contains many boards which showcase the work of local designers. It was really interesting to see the types of collections being created by these designers. Of course, the perfect daily reminder of a holiday well-spent is the coffee you drink each day back at home. Having acquired a service! models writing Uni Essay: essay Assignment for the Highlands coffee ‘traditional’ blend while we were in HCMC, The Poolboy stocked up on bags of beans to bring back to Australia. We did declare these coffee beans on re-entry to Australia, but had had no trouble at all with bringing them through customs and quarantine checks. Highlands Coffee originated as a packaged coffee business in Hanoi in 2000, but has rapidly expanded into a chain of coffee shops right throughout Vietnam. They o­ffer a range of roasted & ground (or unground) Vietnamese co­ffee in take-home packs, but do have a sit-down (or takeaway) coffee in one of the stores first to try the coffee before committing to a big bag of beans. Like this post and want to Learning Sylvan | Homework Missouri in Help it for future reference? Pin - Homework 1 Maths Year to Pinterest! This post is linked to: