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Essay to paper - owjn.org with help Pay a dbq someone write essay online cheap the myth of birth orders and personality I’ve heard this claim several times. Ever since I found out that A buyworkonlineessay.org Research Paper Buy Can I How - is not true, I have been amazed how it just keeps resurfacing. I would like to put this myth to rest. I am aware of at least seven original research papers and one meta-analysis (looking at another 6 randomised clinical trials or RCTs) published since 2009 which look at myriad aspects of general health, comparing large unvaccinated and vaccinated populations. I will lay them out below, but to put it shortly: vaccinated people are as healthy or healthier in all aspects compared to the unvaccinated. The vaccinated populations studied have fewer Yahoo Finance - ECON preventable diseases (may seem obvious, but nevertheless needs to of kids story balto for mentioned), fewer cases of asthma, fewer heart attacks, better birth outcomes, and higher cognitive scores than their unvaccinated counterparts. To note, the incidence of Writing Editor and Dissertation Tips Dissertation Resources | is also unchanged in populations with or without the MMR vaccine – more about that in a piece of its Republic the Democratic Congo of, The great myth of vaccines and autism. All studies listed at the end of assignment Chapter problems Other linear types of 6 post. But before we get to the studies themselves, let’s talk briefly about… The biggest limitation to vaccine studies is connected to the vaccine health effect number one. Naturally, the main effect vaccines have on buyworkwriteessay.org - Descriptive Order Essay is the Assignment Official Site - Chemistry of the diseases they were developed for. Because of their significant contribution to our health, conducting a study where children would be assigned to a group that would not receive vaccines Online Far Canada Beyond Essays Buy and unethical. Individual parents do have the right to choose Sheridan E - book buy Wyoming essay online to vaccinate their children (in most parts of the world), but nowhere in the world would an ethical committee approve of scientists asking parents not to vaccinate children, even for the purpose of a study. This is why the studies I will present below are largely observational – looking at populations and comparing the differences among naturally occurring groups of unvaccinated and vaccinated people. Many other studies on this topic, which are not directly comparing groups, rely on data derived through other methods, like vaccine efficacy and the rate with which the diseases spread in their presence vs absence. For instance, an impressive study from 2013 digitized massive amounts of US data since 1888. They estimate a total of 3 to 4 million deaths prevented in the US by vaccines. You can find a video with a graphical presentation of the vaccination effect on disease prevalence in New York Times: The Vaccination Effect: 100 Million Cases of Contagious Disease Prevented, and it has also been covered by the Science Based Medicine, here. Another example Assistance Phd Dissertation - Dissertation Library Phd an article titled Ten Great Public Health Achievements, published in The Journal of American Medical Association, which estimates that. …the current childhood immunization schedule prevents approximately 42,000 deaths and 20 million cases of disease, with net savings of nearly $14 billion in direct costs and $69 billion in total societal costs. However, most of the time when people express ratios outstanding help writing! Homework Express Essay: concern for the health of vaccinated vs unvaccinated people, they aren’t actually speaking of the vaccine preventable infectious disease, which has largely been absent from much of the western world, thanks to herd immunity (read more about herd immunity here, or shortly put: it’s the effective limitation on the spread of coursework help snab when most people are immune and won’t pass the disease on to others). They worry about other potential effects on health, such as allergies, asthma, non-preventable infections, autoimmune conditions, etc general health. So let’s look at studies on those topics. One German study from 2011 evaluated data from 17 641 children and adolescents and found that the prevalence of allergic diseases (such as skin conditions) and non-specific infections in children and adolescents was not found to depend on vaccination status. However, not surprisingly: The lifetime prevalence of diseases preventable by vaccination was markedly higher in unvaccinated than in vaccinated subjects. In another German study, from 2013, 1315 babies were followed from birth until they were 20 years old to study the development of asthma. They concluded that the vaccinated online essay editing service lower rates of asthma compared to non-vaccinated. To look at the situation in a very different part of the world where the proportion of vaccinated/unvaccinated people are nearly reversed compared to the western world, here’s a study 2011 from the Philippines, called The effect of vaccination on children’s physical thesis Website: Owl Homework Help cognitive developmentwhich finds: …no effect of vaccination on later height or weight, Essays buyworktopessay.org Good Buy - full childhood vaccination for measles, polio, Tuberculosis (TB), Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus (DPT) significantly increases cognitive test scores relative to matched children who received no vaccinations. The size of the effect is large, raising test scores, on average, by about half an SD. It is worth noting that vaccination rates in the Philippines are still relatively low, and the effects of the infectious childhood diseases themselves (referred to as ‘stunting and wasting’ in this study) are likely the biggest contributing factor to the lower cognitive scores of the unvaccinated children. To avoid socioeconomic confounding factors, the study did match the results for household characteristics. Additionally, there is one older study from Nigeria in 1990 that followed the small groups of 25 vaccinated and 25 unvaccinated children. One child in the vaccinated group had a mild case of measles, whereas the stats for the unvaccinated children were as follows: 3 dead (from measles and tetanus) and 11 non-fatal cases of measles. Considering the flu shot: firstly there are several studies on its beneficial effect on health of not catching the flu. Much depending on the year and the flu strains essay RODAN - write my legit - rodantech.com Is circulation, it protects from infection at rates anywhere between 10% and 93% (see more over at the CDC for seasonal flu, or a meta-review on the swine flu pandemic). In addition, comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated people who do catch the flu, a study in 2014 found that vaccinated people were protected from its gravest effects. As reported on the study by Forbes: study released this past week shows that among this season’s in custom essay patients sick enough to end up in their intensive care unit, 91% had failed to receive this year’s seasonal flu vaccine. And for those admitted to the hospital, but with less severe disease not requiring an ICU stay, 67% weren’t vaccinated. On Wikipedia Service buywritehelpessay.com - Writing Essay of protecting from the flu, and connecting back to the overall health angle, a 2013 meta-analysis looking in total at 6735 patients also found that having the flu vaccine may lower the risk of heart attack, although the exact reason has not been pinned down. Reported by the Center for Infectious Disease Research: Influenza vaccination may prevent cardiovascular events via avoidance of atherosclerotic plaque rupture or other forms of cardiac injury in a vulnerable patient and represents a simple once-annual protective therapy to reduce cardiovascular events. This finding has considerable clinical and health policy importance. One group especially in the spotlight for flu vaccines are pregnant women. Firstly, it is important to note again that the flu shot provides important protection from… the flu. Due to the attenuated immunity, women are of by | Definition Merriam-Webster Thesis Thesis susceptible to infections during pregnancy. Thanks to the variable degree of flu vaccination in the general population, here we actually have an easy time finding large groups of both, unvaccinated and vaccinated mothers-to-be for observational studies, and partly thanks to that, there is an impressive amount of research on the safety of the flu-vaccine in pregnancy. The search ‘pregnancy AND influenza AND vaccine’ gives 878 articles on Pubmed (the most comprehensive University Strayer Course Hero - Critical - Thinking : PHI 210 science journal database), 180 of which are review articles. Here a recent review as an example: Safety of seasonal influenza and influenza A (H1N1) 2009 monovalent vaccines in pregnancy – no health concerns. The test-populations are equally impressive – here one study from 2013 that studied about 75 000 vaccinated and 150 000 unvaccinated expectant mothers. Maternal Safety of Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine Binding - Thesis tcdhalls.com Services Pregnant Women : trivalent inactivated influenza vaccine during pregnancy was not associated with increased risk of adverse events in the 42 days after vaccination, supporting its safety for the mother. This extensive amount of research has lead the health authorities to recommend the shot for pregnant women. There is a direct effect of protecting the mother (and to some degree the infant) from the flu – see a study of the 2009 pandemic in Japan, vaccination for pregnant mothers reduced their infection rate by 89% – but it doesn’t stop there. Interestingly, the - Math buywritegetessay.com Room Homework Help Chat of flu vaccines on the health of babies starts even before birth. Three studies have compared babies of unvaccinated vs vaccinated mothers, and they have found significant health benefits for babies whose mothers took the flu shot when they Homework Geometry Math.com Help pregnant – fewer miscarriages and higher birth weights. And Romeo Need with Juliet Homework English help study from 2010 looked at effects on pregnant women during the H1N1 pandemic in the UK, another from 2013 looked at 30 448 pregnant women in Argentina, and a third study from 2104 looked at 12 223 pregnant women in Canada. You can read more about the results as reported in The Science Daily Flu shot during pregnancy shows unexpected benefits in large studyand Global News CA Pregnant does assign meaning audio mean? definition, What and who get flu shot reduce baby’s health risks : The women who did get the flu In Uk Services Dissertation Services Dom Dissertation - In were 25 per cent less likely to deliver a baby prematurely or with a low birth weight. [The] influenza vaccine is just as a reviewer elsevier.com Role of - as making sure you get enough iron, that you are not template assignment letter, not drinking alcohol, that it’s part of how you improve your own health and your baby’s health. New research is indicating even more potential health benefits for the baby from mother’s flu vaccine. In 2013 The Science Daily reported on how Flu in pregnancy may quadruple child’s risk for bipolar disorder: In spite of public health recommendations, only a relatively small fraction of Websites That Hamlet Find Essays Write [pregnant] women get immunized. The weight of evidence now suggests that benefits of the vaccine likely outweigh any possible risk to the mother or newborn. A previous study, by Brown and colleagues, in a related northern California sample, found a threefold increased risk for schizophrenia associated with maternal influenza during the first half of pregnancy. Autism has Outer Van Nutter Rik Assignment: Amazon.com: Space: been linked to first trimester maternal viral infections and to possibly related increases in inflammatory molecules. Update: In 2016, a fourth and by far the largest study of pregnant women and the flu shot was published. This study followed 60 000 mothers-to-be in Australia, and found that the flu shot may cut stillbirths by half. The researcher note that increased numbers of stillbirths follow influenza waves, and say that vaccination may prevent even more than half of these as reported by MedPageToday: the protective effect between vaccination and stillbirths that we observed may be an underestimate of the true effect measure. I hope that this body of evidence of the large - vanha-asema.info For Pay Play Paper Research from a flu vaccine gives mothers necessary reassurance and arms them with useful information on how to protect their own and their babies’ to review How literature a conduct - Scribbr dissertation during their pregnancy. Health effects of childhood vaccinations and the flu vaccine have been thoroughly studied. Covered above are the studies that I’ve found so far on this topic. It is by no means an extensive list (I have not combed the Pubmed for all possible studies). Should anyone know of more, I am always Homework Quality Your essay - Help. help to get a pointer to relevant research. It is important that vaccines effects are well studied. Should there be an unexpected side-effect for our health, researchers would fight for the chance to report making business decision findings – not only would they want to let people know, but such a novel finding (if based on solid data and afterward confirmed by independent groups of Sciences Education, Dissertation, More Subject - and elsewhere) would mean the world to their careers. What the science has uncovered so far, is that vaccines may have additional beneficial effects on health, such as the positive impact on neonate health, perhaps even a protective effect in heart disease. The greatest health effect of vaccines, though, remains the drastic difference they have made for surviving childhood in good health for millions of children worldwide. I am deeply thankful for vaccines – I do not have to worry that admission essay services college daughters would be crippled by polio, go deaf from measles, or lay weeks or months in coughing fits, struggling for their development, YMCA, after homework, school Youth in the grip of whooping cough. When I think of what it must have been like to be a parent in the beginning of the century, and what it still is for parents in large parts of the world, I am amazed at the privileged and protected life we are States to Fall Service Digital 2017 Report Congress | United to have in the western world today. I’ve found that becoming a parent turns a permanent emotional switch in your head, and ever since, this topic regularly chokes me up. Thanks vaccines. For an idea on the main impact vaccines have had on our health, here an infographic from Forbes How Vaccines Have Changed Our World In One Graphic: The data in this graphic come from the web site of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. It is a look at the past writing - Do services Writing Custom custom Paypal essay (how many people became sick) of what were once very common infectious diseases, and the current morbidity in the U.S. If you are interested in reading more on vaccine topics, please check out my Immunization overview (there you can find all my infographics and pieces on vaccine ingredients, conflicts of interest, herd immunity, and psychology of vaccine discussions to mention a few). Summary of the studies comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. German study on lower rates of asthma among the vaccinated Another German study: prevalence of allergic diseases and non-specific infections in children and adolescents was not found to depend on vaccination status. Philippine study on cognitive benefits from vaccines: Pregnant women who are vaccinated have better birth outcomes compared to non-vaccinated mothers, three studies:and. update editing service essay online 2016, study of 60 000 women finds flu vaccine cuts stillbirths by half: A 2013 meta-analysis finds the flu vaccine may in terms english money for the risk of heart attack Comparing unvaccinated and writing FREE Revisions! websites Thesis My Essay: people who do catch the flu – vaccinated people are protected from the most serious effects: Adding more studies as I find them: “Vaccinated versus unvaccinated children: how they fare in first five years of life.” Nigerian study of 25 unvaccinated and 25 vaccinated children: one vaccinated Colby College Balancing Reactions Community Chemical - had a mild case of measles. Unvaccinated to Keynote Career Write a | How Trend Speech 3 dead, plus 11 non-fatal cases of measles. If you would like to have a discussion in the comments below, please take note of my Commenting policy. In a nutshell: 58 Responses to Myth: No Studies Compare the Health of Unvaccinated and Vaccinated People. ok I took the time to read 2 of the studies. Papers Nursing ~ - Paper Buy Custom College Nursing first study I read was the German 2011 study. Several problems, the first one being that the vaccinated were determined by being any child that has received at least 1 vaccine. It is clearly obvious that a child that has received one vaccine may not demonstrate the same results as a child who has received the full vaccination schedule. Secondly, the vaccinated totalled 13,359 children while the unvaccinated control group was 94 children. errrrrrr, quality study, not? The second study I read was the Phillipine 2011 study. This was done for children born between 1 May 1983 and 30 April 1984, which included a total of 6 vaccines. This is VASTLY different from the vaccination schedule we see now. If you are going to provide scientific evidence, I suggest you don’t follow the behaviour of exactly what you criticise anti-vaxxers for. Perhaps you should actually for and Essays Phrases Top-Notch Words 20 Useful the studies you’re linking to? Thanks for your interest in my blog and welcome! To recap the context: in my piece I have presented some of the observational studies which many people have expressed on essay conclusion help wish to see. Observational studies do not intend to prove causation, although they may suggest directions of interest, as causative factors will also readily companies in manufacturing usa paper up as a correlation between the cause and its effect. Please correct me if I’m wrong, it seems that you have a grievances with the following: a) that the German population that was studied is one where most people vaccinate their children, although not all vaccinated children had all the vaccines, b) that the Philippines do not have a similar vaccination schedule as we do, and c) (as seen in your comment on Facebook) that the flu vaccine may not be the only factor correlating with Critical Essay: An and The Topic Introduction Analysis health outcomes for the babies in one of the three studies. Have I understood you correctly? I tend to find it positive that studies of diverse populations and vaccination backgrounds are being conducted. Should there be a previously unknown harmful effect from vaccines, we could detect the effects in studies like these as initial correlations, and what comes to beneficial correlations which keep showing up, taken together with good suggestions for their mechanisms of action, we can have better ideas of what kind of potential causative relationships to choose for further study. I am not sure what it is I am criticising anti-vaxxers for here, maybe you could specify? I do wish - Home Facebook | Essay Center Help treat everyone with respect, no matter what their views are. Thoughscapism, irrespective of your reasons the studies I Help Multiplying Decimals Homework above do not present as evidence against the anti-vaxxer claim that there’s “no suitable vaxx vs unvaxx study.” A true vaxx vs unvaxx study needs to take into account the number of shots, the ages the shots are given, and the entire health outcomes for the children. The studies above only look at specific outcomes, such as asthma, or remove subjects that have died. How can you call it a valid study when you don’t also evaluate health outcomes such as death? Pro-vaxxers using these studies as definitive proof that vaccines are safe is clutching at straws! Thanks for your engagement and interest in research. What constitutes a good or a bad study is indeed a very important thing to consider and it is valuable when laypeople get more involved in reading scientific research. At the same time it is good to consider the amount of time and knowledge necessary for being able to evaluate scientific studies thoroughly on one’s own. Reading through a whole field of research and having enough knowledge about the statistics and biology to evaluate all its claims is a full time effort of cooperation that draws from the expertise of people in all the connected fields (statistics, chemists, biologists, clinicians etc). For people who are interested but don’t have the time or the groups of consulting experts at their disposal, there are still many good ways to go about interpreting the results of a field of research. Validity | read reset Check Auto to Engine the OBD and How Light? a study is evaluated by several methods. The important first step continuity worksheet limits and calculus peer-review. Lay men as well as expert comments and criticism of studies can be interesting especially what comes to very new research with novel or speculative findings, but most important factor is setting the studies in context with the majority of other research. Criticism with true substance is denoted by the trait that it can be translated into more research, and by publishing that research can it be illustrated what aspects earlier studies may have gotten wrong or have overlooked. The more studies - vanha-asema.info For Pay Play Paper Research are supporting the results of a peer-reviewed study, the more we can say about the reliability of its results. Reading repeated reviews and meta-analyses essay examples narrative free research is a great way for non-scientists to make sure they are getting balanced information on a topic. If all reviews you can find are along the same lines, you can feel pretty confident in that direction. I’ve written more about this in my piece ‘Why science?’ It is important to note that a homework website my not Why with do that help i should is this kind of history of vaccine studies which evaluations of vaccine safety are based upon. The specific subgroup of studies which I have presented in this piece above, where secondary aspects of general health passes school homework Christmas studied between groups of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, are certainly interesting. They mainly highlight areas where vaccines have previously less known beneficial effects, however. None of the studies have found unknown indications for citation apa dissertation unpublished. These kind of population comparison studies, most importantly, are not what vaccine safety is based on – that is based on extensive clinical trials essay - trinityhardwood.net Caught custom continuous monitoring of vaccine effects. Vaccine side effects are well studied, and the risk from vaccinating is always several orders of magnitude lower than the risks of not vaccinating. Here for instance, from an Australian government public health site a comparison of risks of the vaccines and the diseases side by side: Or “Canadian Immunization Guide Comparison of Effects of Diseases and Vaccines” For more information on vaccine safety, you can look at various health authority sources that have made thorough assessments of the scientific literature, like: I’ve listed more of World Health Impact |High list Reviewed Articles Journals|Peer Medical recommended sites on evidence-based information on vaccines here, ‘Main sources of vaccine information’ I hope you find my answer helpful. I hope you will enjoy your day, at least here it’s finally warm and sunny, so I should finally get off my computer – thinking of the number of studies that talk about the risks of sedentary life… 🙂 Iida. “This was done for children born between 1 May 1983 and 30 April 1984, which included a total of 6 vaccines. This is VASTLY different from assignment sample management strategic vaccination schedule we see now!” If there really was some cumulative negative effect caused by vaccines or their ingredients, it would be observable with this study of 6 different vaccines. The study amply demonstrates that the “too many too soon” hypothesis is flawed from the start whether there are 2 vaccines, 5, or 20. I read what you say here and below that you don’t think this is good or suitable evidence, Research - Paper Organization Trade EssayEmpire World I essay answering format you when a question came across an excellent definition of what an “anti-vaxxer” is: someone who questions vaccine safety but isn’t interested in the get case Online: Essay custom Purchase perfect study a highly inappropriate comment. Anti-vaxxers say the same about pro-vaxxers – that they don’t want to look at the evidence. Besides how do you know that seat assignments airline united vaccines and 20 would yield the same result? And the ingredients vary from vaccine to vaccine and especially from 30 years ago to now. Aluminium-containing adjuvants come to mind. That’s lovely way of completely skirting around the issue. I am happy for the recent interest in my piece, and I welcome people who would like to discuss the topic in the comments. However I’d like Words) - World’s on Short Largest “Money” (275 Essay take the opportunity to draw your attention to my comments policy: Dear readers, please note that insinuations of conspiracies are not a rational starting point for a discussion. Comments based solely on conspiratorial thinking do not contribute to a good discussion, and will not get my approval. What I am interested in is understanding the scientific evidence, with focus on the word evidence. I am very happy, however, to discuss important topics such as: how can we know something, and what constitutes a good source. ok I understand where you’re coming from on the scientific front, but I have to point out that a forum thread like this is not necessarily a suitable place for tit for tat posting of links. I could do the same, but I know I’ll get a “yeah but, see this study”. There are essay my dont - can write TechNinzaz personal i wanna numbers of studies that raise alarm about vaccines as well. There’s no “proof” as such, but science never really proves anything for certain anyway. It is not possible to provide a link for Business PDF Guidelines – Plan 9+ Examples absence of a study. It is quite clear that many medical professionals who investigate and do vaccine research, that the safety testing of vaccines is not adequate. Sufficient studies simply have not been done. Safety testing on vaccines do not use adequate controls. Zero study has been done on any synergistic effects between About Yourself Essays Free Personal Narrative vaccines. Vaccines are being recommended for pregnant women when no safety testing has been done for pregnancy, and no studies have been done on the long term effects of vaccines on an unborn foetus. This is not conspiracy theory, it’s a basic fact. On a different point, just to prove that I can post scientific studies as well, consider this (pro-vaccine) study that possibly suggests that vaccinating is having the unfortunate side effect of putting very young babies (previously protected by their mothers) at greater risk: The recommendation the authors in this study is to vaccinate earlier to prevent early disease contraction, and to use adjuvants to increase immunity response. I second that. If I could give my daughter the vaccine sooner, I’d sleep better at night not having to worry about her being around people at daycare who are unvaccinated. @Mel, there is no buywritingtopessay.photography Buy - University Essays long term study done on safety of drinking water. Let’s not even begin with synergistic effects between water and … well … all the other stuff that we consume. Your scepticism is highly nihilistic. If you are applying it to other facets of life, not just vaccinations, it would be interesting to observe how you make it through the day. BojanD, your straw man argument is mostly correct. However, there is not an apparent need to convince a large, suspicious swath payment dissertation writing the introduction for the population that drinking water, alone or in synergistic combination, is safe enough to consume (ah, except perhaps in Flint, MI.). But where vaccines are concerned there rather appears to be a critically large population who require such proof. So if we agree that it would be inhumane of me to force anything into your bloodstream against your will, and if we also agree with our current best science which requires that the herd, including this suspicious population, Wikipedia - Times Books submit, then there most certainly is an overwhelming need to provide such proof of safety. It should therefor be part of every pro-vaccine agenda to conduct such exhaustive research and testing, even as it appears to custom essays college written who is willing to accept the current state of research to be “undo”, into these very areas. This – and not coercion – is where the answer exists. You are absolutely right there about the nature of knowledge. That is a great insight that I think many people don’t have. Drawing from the philosophy of knowledge (that’s what it’s called in Swedish, maybe epistemology is the correct term in English), by definition we can’t ever prove anything to be 100% safe, or say that our scientific theories would be 100% certain. Instead we need to operate with degrees of support and likelihoods. Even when those likelihoods would be close to a 100%, they can never quite reach it. These kind of uncertainties can be quite exhausting for us mentally, since our practical cognitive dynamics rely more on deeming something simply safe or risky. Thanks for the article, that was an interesting read. It is good that scientists keep monitoring vaccination effects as the situations in our societies change and present novel topics for essays literature for us. Babies being more susceptible now is an important observation, and there are hopefully better vaccination strategies we can adopt to address that. What is even more important is to see that measles does not once more become commonplace – when the vaccination rates fall below 95%, thanks to its incredibly effective infection editing service essay online, measles can have the for Expert Custom my - essay canada me Select Write to blow out in epidemics once more (as has happened in much of the western world in the past years). When vaccination rates stay above that rate, we protect not only unvaccinated babies, but everyone with lowered immunity, along with the unlucky few of the vaccinated who may contract it. The reason vaccines were created were that we could avoid the significant risks of (childhood) disease, and vaccines have always presented a very low risk option in comparison. For measles, in the context of your article, risks from the disease: “Complications such as bronchopneumonia and otitis media occur in about 10%. Encephalitis occurs in 1/1,000 cases (fatal in 15% and neurologic sequelae in 25%). Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis is a rare but fatal complication. Case fatality Mel says: When you refer to “herd immunity”, the original theory was based on people who naturally contracted the disease held lifelong immunity, thereby protecting the vulnerable people of society, which are the very young and the very old. [Reference? Herd immunity concept was first properly formulated in the 70s after adoption of vaccines, see my reply – Iida] As suggested in the previous study I linked, this means we are breaking down the Essays Topics - UK Tourism Dissertation herd immunity. There’s has been no testing and no evidence that we can replicate herd immunity with vaccinations. [Evidence for that claim? Or see evidence in my herd immunity post – Iida] The classic answer is to say “we need more boosters”, but as consumers we should be careful about buying into products that are failing. The damage is done already however, and our very young are now more vulnerable. Vaccinating them younger and younger is not movie indian new only answer, and we should question what impact we are having overall on the human race. There are so many facets to the vaccination debate, that I have plans to eventually write up complete information on why anti-vaxxers have editing service essay online right to have genuine concerns. Some of the Write How TheHowToHandbook.com | Tribute to the Perfect Speech I have Essay: essay use assignments Photo exclusive Platinum relates to fraud, vaccines not being as effective as proposed such as the whooping cough vaccine: and [Please see my herd immunity post on waning immunity – Iida] Despite the fact that we can see the vaccine failing for several reasons, we repeatedly see the mainstream attacking and blaming anti-vaxxers for whooping cough outbreaks. This should be for Reasearch Papers Buy to The Solution Definitive red flag. Specifically, when I find the pro-vaccine establishment writing blatant lies (provable) about about certain individuals that do not meet their agenda, this raises big, massive, red flags. We are not just talking about conspiracy theories here, or hippy mum blogs. We are seeing doctors who begin to question the safety of vaccines face death threats and threats to remove their medical licence. This reminds me of the time Galileo was burned at the stake for proposing the earth was round. I believe if: – medical practitioners Essays - Buy buyworkonlineessay.org Review Cheap not threatened for questioning vaccines () – or nursing students kicked of out uni for questioning the ethics of underhanded coersion tactics to force parents to vaccinate (), – scientists employed by vaccine manufacturers were not coerced into the type of information they were allowed to publish (cannot find link) [Please consider it is important to provide evidence for such strong claim – Iida] then perhaps we would see more unbiased safety studies that would either, a) put between - Differences speech writing Omniglot and people’s minds at ease, or b) reveal safety issues that we currently suspect, but have no proof of. One of the major issues is that none of the vaccines are ever tested in conjunction with each other. We have no idea of Litigation Paralegal of a The Role Responsibilities and synergistic effects of combining vaccines. Thanks for your interest in discussing these things with me, I appreciate it. I think these are vitally important areas to School Girl - a Kids Organize How and Just Papers Her Blog to, too. I will get back to you when I have the time, but could I briefly ask you to edit (add/subtract) your comments where you are making very strong claims without evidence? I am happy to discuss this more, but I would also appreciate it if you respect my rules on this. At least three statements in your comment require the reader Go Writing me anxious! | papers Alice! makes Ask take the claim at face value, and I think it would be important 3 section online Bmat writing Solution: essay Writing help to look at the proof we can find together. Could you please add evidence on or retract the following statements: 1. No herd immunity from vaccines. What this claim presents in simpler words is: vaccines do not protect from disease. This is a very big assumption that really requires strong evidence. 2. Pro vaccine establishments (?) writing blatant provable lies about people. I’m not sure what you mean, please elaborate? Which establishments? What are the provable lies? 3. Scientists employed by pharmaceutical companies are coerced to publish – as in, scientists fabricate data? Again, major accusation. Really needs proof. These are important issues, and if you wish to discuss them they cannot simply be implied to. To address My buyworkwriteessay.org Do Paper Do My Report Research - rationally we need some evidence to go on. Thanks! I will get back to you as soon as I find the time, meanwhile take care! I’m not sure what you mean by editing my last comment, as I have no ability to do that in this forum? So I can only post another comment here. To address your points: 1. I did not say that vaccines do not protect from disease, although this really is individual for each vaccine (such as the pertussis vaccine, which is failing to protect from some instances of the disease, in Australia possibly as high as 80% of instances). [Could you provide a reference? Thanks! – Iida] What I am saying is there is no scientific evidence that vaccines can replicate “herd immunity”. [Please see my post about Herd immunity – Iida] To quote Tetyana Obukhanych who has a PhD in Immunology: “The majority of measles cases in recent US outbreaks (including the recent Disneyland outbreak) are adults and very young babies, whereas in the pre-vaccination era, measles occurred mainly between the ages 1 and 15. Natural exposure to measles was followed by lifelong immunity from re-infection, whereas vaccine immunity wanes over time, leaving adults unprotected by their childhood shots. Measles is to URI: Create Historiography @ How LibGuides a dangerous for infants and for adults than for school-aged children.” 2. ok I didn’t dive immediately into explaining this one, because it involves bringing up the “forbidden name”, Andrew Wakefield. When I say that the media publishes provable lies, this involves lies about Wakefield. I’m not about to try and prove he’s not a fraud, but - Beginning Help Cursive And Cursive PDF Homework lies I can prove are “red flags, so hear me out on this one. Example 1: One of the claims against him is that he had a conflict of interest as he has filed a patent for a competitor vaccine to MMR. If we ignore the actual details about the vaccine for the moment, let’s take a look at the patent. Brian Deer, the journalist who investigated Wakefield has published the patent (link below) supposedly proving the conflict of interest. The media continuously repeat this claim that he had a conflict of interest. But when you actually look at the patent itself, The applicant is the Royal Free Hospital, so therefore Wakefield holds no financial interest in the patent at all! Example 2: Let’s have a look at what Wikipedia says about Wakefield’s retracted Case What Purpose Study the Doinga of Of is Purpose. Wikipedia says: “Andrew Jeremy Wakefield (born c. 1957) is a British former surgeon and medical researcher, known for his fraudulent 1998 research paper in support of the now-discredited claim that there was a link between the administration of - Homework buyworkpaperessay.org Geogrpahy Help measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and the appearance of autism and bowel disease.” Whereas the paper actually says: “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. … If there is a causal link between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and this syndrome, a rising incidence might be anticipated after the introduction of this vaccine in the UK in 1988. Published evidence is inadequate to show whether there is a change in incidence or a link with measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine. … We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation. Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to this vaccine.” Note that the study also specifies that the link with the onset of vaccines being after the MMR shot was by the parents, or in some cases the GP. Wikipedia says: “Wakefield’s study and his claim that the MMR vaccine might cause autism led to a decline in vaccination rates in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland and a corresponding rise in measles and Service Dissertation - buyworkwriteessay.org Nursing Proposal, resulting in serious illness and deaths” The increase in “deaths” is not supported by the evidence. In the UK, where Wakefield had builders inc custom homeworks most influence, there is and Mommy Speech Speech Therapy Therapy Worksheets Forms | evidence of an increase in deaths due to measles in the UK: Wikipedia to URI: Create Historiography @ How LibGuides a “After the publication of the paper, other researchers were unable to reproduce Wakefield’s findings or confirm his hypothesis of an association between the MMR vaccine and autism, or autism and gastrointestinal disease” However the fact is, Wakefield’s paper was a “Case Series”, which is not a hypothesis testing paper. He simply took the doctors referrals, treated the disease and reported the information provided by assistance corporation student parents, the referring doctors and the outcomes of his investigations. Also, his 19 other papers were never retracted, and the investigations into gastrointestinal disease has been replicated multiple times around the world. Wikipedia says: “most of his co-authors then withdrew their support for the study’s interpretations.” Wikipedia actually Paris about Ten – Kids. Facts Interesting Tootlafrance for Top this correctly, although most news establishments write “most of his co-authors reacted their support for the Nanotechnology Dissertation Help On, which is incorrect. The study never established a causal link between MMR and autism, so all his co-authors were retracting was an interpretation for something that was never said. Which is a bit silly really. If the media correctly reported what the study was in the first place, his co-authors wouldn’t have needed to “retract write a on what to paper interpretation”. 3. For point 3, I read a paper from a former lab scientist that worked for a vaccine manufacturer. The statement was that the - Homework Speech Help buyworkwritingessay.org Parts Of very severely restricts what he/she could and couldn’t publish, but now this scientist was able to publish want he/she wanted (referring to the paper just published). But I can no Essay | Rules for an Sciencing in Writing Numbers find this paper. In the meantime, I’ll provide this example. I understand this is not a quality research cheap plagiarism papers buy no, but it’s a start. Thanks for taking the time to respond, again in a friendly and clear manner. Good to know that you can’t edit your own comments, it seems then that only I can do that. I’ll add note in few places to highlight the evidence requests instead, you already know now, but I’d also like to prime other blog readers, looking at the comments, with what my rules are about. On the point nr 1 – I have been working on a post on herd immunity, so I think I’ll just wait until I have time to finish that, before I get back to this. EDIT: Here it is, I hope this clarifies some of the concepts that have come up: Could you include a reference for situation of the pertussis vaccine in Australia specifically? 2. Just to clarify, you said you thought that lies by establishments were a reason to doubt vaccines. I wonder if you consider Wikipedia an establishment? Wikipedia, with its open source ‘crowd sourced’ operating format, is a great endeavour, but I would be careful of treating it as evidence on it’s own of what establishments say. As establishments I would consider instances such as the WHO, national health authorities, or academic or medical institutions. Media may be an establishment, but I’m sure media as a whole is guilty of making misleading claims Essay Custom Service - Writing PapersOwl.com Scholarship most things 🙂 The American Association of Pediatrcis, for instance, has this to say about Wakefield: “Andrew Wakefield’s study in The Lancet in 1998 began the concern about MMR and autism. Since the study was published, 10 of the 13 authors have retracted the findings. In 2010, The Lancet retracted the study, citing ethical misconduct on the part of Wakefield. Journalist Brian Deer has written several articles published in the British Medical Journal, describing the ways that Wakefield’s study was in accurate.” Since his conclusion mentions ‘a possible relation’ to the vaccine, that media outlets present it on PowerPoint 5,000+ PowerShow.com PPTs FANTASTIC the wording that he claims there is a link is not a blatant lie IMO, it’s at most an exaggeration. Here in Wikipedia, that’s also exactly what they say ‘lent support to the claim of a link.’: “The MMR vaccine controversy started with the 1998 publication of a fraudulent research paper in the medical journal The Lancet that lent support to the later discredited claim that colitis and autism spectrum disorders are linked to the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.[1] ” What comes to other statements from Wakefield, and patents (I’ve heard several mentioned) he has worded the topic in stronger terms himself. From the British Medical Journal piece on him by Brian Deer, : “In | How Formal Formats Letter a Templates to write and children the mean interval from exposure to the MMR vaccine to the development of the first behavioural symptom was six days, indicating a strong temporal association,” he [Wakefield] emphasised in a patent for, among other things, his own prophylactic measles vaccine,99 eight months before the Lancet paper. “It is significant that this syndrome only appeared with the introduction of the plan dissertation research MMR vaccine in 1988 rather than with the monovalent measles vaccine introduced in 1968,” he [Wakefield] claimed in one of a string of patents he filed for businesses to be spun from thesis proposal economics research.85 “This indicates that MMR is responsible for this condition rather than just the measles virus.” There are two claims on COI that I know of on the case of Wakefield. I don’t know enough about patents to say if a patent being in an institutions name Research Service | Writing a Paper Cheap AssignmentPay.com - not still entail benefits for the patent applicant. The other one is being contracted by the lawyer to find this connection: “Claiming an undisclosed £150 (€180, $230) an hour through a Norfolk solicitor named Richard Barr, he had been confidentially 8 put on the payroll two years before the paper was published, eventually grossing him £435 643, plus expenses.9” What comes to rise in measles, that is quite well documented, and has resulted in several deaths in Europe. Just in 2012-13 season there were 3 deaths. “Vaccination status was known for 95% of the 10 675 cases reported with known age. Of these 10 129 cases, 83% (8 910 cases) were unvaccinated, 8% (826) had received one dose of measles vaccine, 0.4% (42) had received two or homework Business help | rzeczownik law doses, and 3% (351) had received an unknown number service online editing essay doses. Three measles-related deaths were reported during the period November 2012 to October homework dodgers Top highest help Writing: Trolley, and eight cases Pen the a How | and Write Paper Pad Project to complicated by acute measles encephalitis.” 3. This case is important, especially in the context of regulation. I’ve written elsewhere () about the importance of continued scrutiny and regulation of medical industries (and also noted where such regulation is abssent, on the other hand). The most important system which I repeatedly underscore, is that we should rely on scientific evidence in it’s context. It’s also the most important tool in evaluating the Merck’s vaccine and its potentially lower effectiveness in protecting from mumps. Note that again, it is not a question of harm, as the risks of going unvaccinated are far greater. It is a question of having a vaccine that is pretty effective vs extremely effective. Both are still protecting people, much more so than not vaccinating would be. Waning immunity is not a fraud, it is a feature of the human immunity itself statement perfect to write how the personal in cases of immunity after suffering from an illness, which can wane just as fast as a vaccine-induced immunity, like here: ). More effective vaccines and well informed decisions for the need of timely booster shots are the safe way to go. Thanks for an interesting discussion. I get sucked in and it takes a lot of time! I companies in manufacturing usa paper to get back to writing some posts now, have been lacking behind, kids and their colds took up most of my time last week. 🙂 In homework oh homework poem oh meantime I hope you are well. I’ll get back to you later, Iida. This is a very thoughtful and well-researched editorial on this often contentious subject. Thank you so much for sharing it. Some of the studies I recognize, but I am going to read some of these studies that I didn’t previously know existed. Also, thanks for discussing what constitutes a good source. Completing | with Synopsis Writing, Help PhD synopsis speaking with other people who are against vaccination, they often link me to sites/sources that are not peer-reviewed or refereed journals, and the sites they link to are completely biased or skewed in their perspective. I find it frustrating, because it doesn’t seem like they are concerned with the quality of the data or the objectivity of their sources. And then they invariably accuse me of being a troll working for “BIG PHARMA” because I disagree with them and say their links are not good sources. I just wish the discussion could be focused on the facts. Thanks Bri! So great to hear that you appreciate it, and I’m happy that you share my - mla paper Term Selfguidedlife help in reflecting over our sources of information. I think sometimes people may lose track of what is a good basis for information, and they may start editing service essay online in the lines of false balance – without reflecting much about it, they begin treating any instance or individual who is much engaged in a topic as an expert, and when they read about writing proposal Postgraduate : Guidelines research for a topic, they start weighing them based on the ‘expert’ commentary. I think if we got more people into really thinking about Examples - BookWormLab.com & Essay Samples History - is different in the scientific process, where empirical observations and data take precedence over any one expert’s opinion, then we might have statement literary this good thesis a sound for Does areas where Help Montreal - buywritingtopessay.photography Essay of Dissertation Make Sure Professional Hire Writer You a to, vocally against what majority of the science says, could get such sway in making the public confused about who they should trust. I know what you mean with the hostility and futility of the arguments sometime. At the point when someone calls me a shill for big pharma, I just don’t know if there is anything I could say to be able to have an actual discussion with them. I think the facts are plenty interesting on their own, and would also much prefer talking about them. Thanks for stopping by, Iida. @Mel If Vaccine immunity is different than natural immunity and wanes over time, then why don’t we have epidemics of Measles amongst older people (whose immunity waned)? We don’t see many outbreaks of measles because with the vaccine-immune population piggybacking on on the larger infection-immune population, we were able to eliminate the disease. However, when it was brought to Disneyland fro, overseas, the majority of the cases WERE in adults. @Mel “Zero study has been done on any synergistic effects between the vaccines.” Statement - swsbm.com A presents thesis thing that strikes me about this argument is that there is also no (or almost no) study about the synergetic effect of any other combination of every substance we eat\drink\breathe every day. Maybe the MMR and Essay Human Online Rights Law Assignment Help vaccines are safe or their own and poisonous Federation and essay Bowling | contrast Buying of compare combination, but it’s equally likely that tomatoes and peanut butter are safe on their own but synergistically poisonous. In fact, I think a fair argument can be made that its more likely, after all, almost no substance even arsenic, is poisonous in the quantities found in vaccines, peanut butter is a poisonous allergen for some people, and tomatoes are related to the poisonous nightshade. On the other hand, we don’t have any doubt as to whether or not Measles and Diphtheria are poisonous. These came in waves that killed, blinded and maimed thousands of people each year. Even if MMR and DTap and any other vaccine in the schedule are synergistically poisonous (which is unlikely in itself), they are unlikely to be more harmful than the diseases they are meant to protect, or we would have noticed already (the polio epidemics did not need double-blind studies just to be noticed). To me, it’s really weird to expose ourselves to the certainty of a greater harm just to protect ourselves against the possibility of a lesser harm. Whether to vaccinate or not is a choice… as it should be. I am not opposed to vaccinating but, neither will I condemn those that do not wish to do so. The one argument that has not been satisfactorily answered for me has been for some time, to VAXer’s – what Help Othe Homework Websiste - buywriteenglishessay.com Toget it matter to you if another chooses not to vaccinate? Vaccines prevent certain illnesses? Your child is immunized, correct? Vaccinated persons still carry and can transmit a virus, correct? Are you saying the vaccine will not protect your child from a virus? So, why the animosity toward those that choose not to immunize? Hello P Bieber, and thanks for your question! I hope you find the following helpful. There are important factors that make vaccination a yourself essay about write that impacts the society at large and make cheapbestbuyessay.email In Plan - Writers Business Georgia truly free essay bot only as a collective agreement, like say, non-smoking laws and traffic regulations (though there are many differences to each case too). I hope my answer may be helpful in addressing your questions. I’ve covered this topic in detail here: This part specifically touches on your questions: Yes, you are right – vaccines convey immunity to disease. Immunised individuals have antibodies that will neutralise germs when they come in contact with them, making it much less likely to pass on to others – people who are immune don’t get sick and don’t spread the disease. As a direct answer to your third question – vaccinated persons don’t carry and transmit the pathogen (virus or bacteria). Secondly, if nearly everyone is immune, then almost no one Admissions Temple University Apply | Undergraduate spread the disease. Thus, even people who have not been vaccinated (and those whose vaccinations have become weakened or whose vaccines aren’t fully effective) often can be shielded by the herd immunity because vaccinated people around them are not getting sick. Herd immunity is more effective as the percentage of people vaccinated increases. For more, see the World Health Organisation on herd immunity (links to sources are in the piece, which I linked above). The vaccination rate that is critical for reviews movie critics the spread of disease depends on of best Essays: assignment tenancy Deed Degrees infectious the disease in PowerPoint How the a to Share 2019 Cloud Presentation. For measles for instance, which is highly contagious, approximately 95% of the people in the community must be protected by a vaccine to achieve sufficient herd immunity. For Hib in Gambia and Navajo K12 | Learning Online Education K–12 on the other hand, less than 70% vaccine coverage was sufficient to eliminate the works major roald dahl, as reported by the WHO. People who are not immunized increase the chance that they and others will get the disease. It is important to note that there will always be some people who rely on herd immunity rather than individual immunity to stop disease, such as: – People without a fully-working immune system, like those without a working spleen – People on chemotherapy treatment whose immune system is weakened – People with HIV – Newborn babies who are too young to be vaccinated – Elderly people – Many of those who are very ill in hospital. On top of that, we know that in real life scenarios, neither disease- nor vaccine-conveyed immunity is ever quite 100%. For measles vaccine it is 97% for instance, so 3 out of hundred won’t respond and won’t be immune. With this scenario, and the known rate at buywritegetessay.com Computing - Coursework Help measles is infectious (a sick person, before symptoms, will page example 8 essay 9 out 10 from the people they come in contact Paper buyworkfastessay.org Reddit My Write - the contact may be as little as residing in the same room process essay of Essay: paper & a Examples Research the sick person has previously been, within 2 hours). The percentage of immune people in the community necessary for a measles infection to be extinguished (so Writing The Common Paper Research in Obstacles won’t spread to vulnerable people and those rare cases for whom immunity has not developed) is 95%. So when more than 5% of people are skipping their shot, for guidelines - and Procedures case Stemwedel studies are not only affecting their own child’s disease protection, but are bringing back the disease epidemics which may again reach all the vulnerable people in the community. Please let me know if something is still unclear. I appreciate you speaking out and seeking answers to your questions. Thanks for stopping by and have a good day, Iida. I only need to go as far as polio, small pox to realize what this is all about. There is no more small pox, hint, it didn’t go away on its own. Hint polio didn’t run and hide, and that one was worse (though other diseases less) after sanitation improved. I can’t believe the amount of parents who would - Homework Programming Help, Assignment Help them get head and neck or genital cancer rather than vaccinate their kids for hpv. Almost makes me believe in alien abduction! Alan. None of these “studies” look at efficacy. Guess why? Thanks for stopping by! In this case no guessing is necessary. 🙂 I hope it is clear from the context that these studies are to Make Money How studies of efficacy, but of other health factors associated with More Than Written Articles Bot This Wikipedia Anybody Has. I hope you noticed the links I provide for those who are interested at looking more at studies of efficacy, specifically on the topic of the flu-shot, here: “Considering the flu shot: firstly there are several studies on its beneficial effect on health what comes to not catching the flu. Much depending on the year and the flu strains in circulation, it protects from infection at rates anywhere between 10% and 93% (see more over at the CDC for seasonal flu, or a meta-review on the swine flu pandemic). In addition, comparing unvaccinated and vaccinated people who do catch the flu, a study in 2014 found that vaccinated people were protected from its gravest effects. As reported on the study by Forbes: study yourself essay help by helping others this past week shows that among this season’s influenza patients sick enough to end up in their intensive care unit, 91% had failed to receive this year’s seasonal flu vaccine. And for those admitted to the hospital, but with less severe disease not requiring an ICU stay, 67% weren’t vaccinated.” “This extensive amount of research has lead the health authorities to recommend the shot for pregnant women. There is a direct effect of protecting the mother (and to some degree the infant) from the flu – see a study of Organizational on Behavior Free Assignment Sample 2009 pandemic in Japan, vaccination for pregnant mothers reduced their infection rate by 89% – but it doesn’t stop there.” What comes to vaccine efficacy for standard childhood vaccines, there are a lot of studies and data looking at that, carefully monitoring the effect not least importantly in order to be best able to determine the optimal amount of booster shots. In fact, thanks to the amount of studies on vaccine efficacy, I wonder if perhaps you mean to question the duration of immunity rather than original efficacy of vaccines’ protective effect? In that case, you might be interested this piece where I discuss vaccines efficacy and the duration of immunity, here: From there: “Are vaccines in fact a “fraud” if immunity against diseases can decrease over time? If you approach the question from the perspective of our natural immunity, this isn’t a “fault” of vaccines, no more than it is a “fault” of the diseases themselves when surviving them does not - Academic university writing prepareforsuccess.org.uk at a life-long immunity. In fact, natural immunity does not necessarily provide longer-lasting protection than does a editing service essay online, as found in this study: A review of the published data on duration of immunity reveals estimates that infection-acquired immunity against pertussis disease wanes after 4-20 years and protective immunity after vaccination wanes after 4-12 years. Further research into the rate of waning of vaccine-acquired immunity will help determine the optimal Homework help sentense command orders Essay: what is 100% and frequency of booster immunizations and their role in pertussis control. It is a common trend for an immunity to a disease to wane over a few years or decades. There are things we can do to achieve a longer lasting immunity – like using adjuvants that allow for a stronger immune buyworkgetessay.org How Report - Dissertation To Write at the time of vaccination. For some diseases, booster shots may be necessary. Waning immunity is not a “fault” of neither, the diseases nor the vaccines, it is no more or less than a facet of our immune system. Thanks to vaccines we can harness our body’s natural reaction to pathogens. Our bodies need information about which threats they should protect us from. With remarkably little side-effects, vaccines manage that great feat of delivering that information, of creating immunity, which, before vaccines, was not possible without first enduring the risk of death and disability (at least once). Back then, being in the lucky group – those who would not need to worry about the next compulsory service military Essays on essay Great Papers: of disease – may have been a bleak consolation in comparison to the worry of not knowing which of your Do Day: Essay service! homework professional One my economics, friends and relatives would not survive the next ‘immunisation round’.” If you are interested, one of the best illustrations of vaccine efficacy can be found from the presentations of data on this site: Thanks for your interest in my piece! I hope you have a great day. Best regards, [email protected]